Modular Machinery Recipes

71,833 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 6, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Modular Machinery add some basic recipes for its blocks.  But as the mod is meant to be COMPLETELY customizable by its users the author left alot of the blocks in the mod without recipes.  The users or modpack makers are suppose to add their own flair to the blocks and make them how they see fit.

So here are mine.  Nothing to crazy.  I know it can be fun to get into making all your machines and not want to tackle this part, so Im posting them up.  They do however rely a TON on Actually Additions and Immersive Engineering  to do a lot of the crafting.

Drop this in your scripts folder and use JEI to find all the recipes.  

Also instead of having lots of different projects for machines Im just going to upload them here.
Ill tag them as beta so they're different from the block recipes.


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