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It's manually created to my game-project but it still open for mod distributors and subscribers. Primary goal on collect people to create a most correct translation of mods.


 This pack adds translation to any language that supported by mod developer. Firstly i added this to create co-op work with localisation to russian language but i'm sure that someone else join to translate to other languages. Full list of supported mod translations located at Source and will be filling up as someone asks to add any translation to tasklist.

A:-What does it do?

Q:-It replaces files in mods localisations folder to containing in this modpack.

A:-How to install it to my minecraft?

Q:-For installation just follow this steps:

1) Download latest resourcepack 

2) Load this file to your "resourcepacks" folder on your minecraft.

If you want to join translate process just do next steps

1) go to "Source" page
2)Go to folder "/assets/{{mod}}/lang" and choose which mod you want to translate
3) choose Language which you want translate to (if your language don't exist, write to author or in comments below)
4) start to translate untraslated or incorrect words in document and create pull request.