Mechanized Lucky Block (v3.0.0!)

10,084 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

{The Mechanized Lucky Block}

Just like a regular lucky block, except with a little spice!

The Block -
Looks exactly like a regular lucky block, except it doesn't
It was partially made for the PopularMMOs youtube channel, but anyone can play it.

Model was created with Mr Crayfish's Model Creator

The Content -

Every single drop from the original lucky block mechanized and made 10x more useful.

I am not responsible for death, dismemberment, or loss of diamonds after opening one of these blocks.

Also comes with 40+ new drops! More to come in the future!

The Weapons -

I know what you're all thinking, where is the competitive side of things?

The Golden Galaxia and Robobow are custom textured with the highest of quality.

Careful however, the Golden Galaxia attracts lightning bolts!

But how do I play it? -

You have to download the Lucky Block Mod and run it once, then an "addons" folder shall magically appear in your .minecraft folder. click on that folder and then the one that says lucky_block, and copypaste it in and boot up that gosh darn game.

The... Bugs? -

Every masterpeice must come with a few flaws.

Tell me any bugs you find in the mod in the comments


What's New? -

v2.1.0 : Giant overhaul!

     - 4 new structures!

     - `15 new drops!

     - The Robobow and Luckychip have finally gotten models!/textures!

     - The Mechanized Lucky Block can now be crafted.


Update Roadmap -

v3.0.0 - Metallic Madness Update

 - Model for the Lucky Microchips (Coming v3.0.1)

 - New model for the Lucky Block & Golden Galaxia (3.0.1)

 - 20 structures minimum


 -"Modders Edition"

      - over 100 new drops from either other mods, or Loot++ (not 1.12 lol but ill consider it if it comes                to it.).

      - to fit both playstyles of vanilla and modded for those who want either a balanced playstyle, or a                  overpowered and destructive playstyle.

(Re)Scheduled sometime in July or August.


Latest News -

6/15/19 - Okay, so the science stuff in the Alpha was just too problematic, so I will be working on it and releasing it as v3.0.1


Spotlights -

Woah! PopularMMOs!

Bit of a smaller channel, but my favorite video of the two.


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