MCrafterzz Machines Datapack

186 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 8, 2018 Game Version: 1.14.4

Adds three machines, a farmer, a breaker and a vacuumhopper:

Machine Information/Usage

The farmer harvests and replants the crop in front of it, works for all the crops that are shown in the hotbar + sweet berries.

The vacuum hopper sucks in items that are closer than 5 blocks away.

The breaker breaks the block in front of it.

When less than 5 blocks away you'll see information about the nearest machine, machine name and energy in the actionbar.

All machines require coal, throw a coal block in front of the machine to fuel it, this will fill it to max which is 100 for the farmer and breaker and 1000 for the vacuum hopper. The energy will go down when replanting/breaking/sucking in items.

To rotate a farmer or breaker open it's gui and shift click on the blue terracotta, the rotation affects which block that's replanted/broken. The vacuum hopper cannot be rotated.


The machines do not have crafting recipes by own own so you'll have to add them yourself. To retrieve them do:

/function mcrafterzz:farmer/give

/function mcrafterzz:breaker/give

/function mcrafterzz:vacuumhopper/give


Download Instructions:

- Download the datapack (zip file)

- Place it in the datapacks folder in your world save (.minecraft/saves/worldname/datapacks)

- Enter the world and enter the /reload command


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Please comment below if you find any bugs etc.


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