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Filename [3.0] Max's Heroes
Uploaded by Maxmos
Uploaded Apr 21, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.88 MB
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MD5 213d38cd3c0ff655e8baf1db843d8bd4
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I went even harder this time - 2.0 has been beaten because there's even more new content than 2.0 added


-27 New Suits:

-Added The Flash (CW Season 5)
-Added Godspeed (CW)
-Added Accelerated Man (CW)
-Added Wally West Rebirth (Comics)
-Added Golden Life (Comics)

-Added Shazam (Movie)
-Added Cyborg (DCEU)
-Added Vibe (CW)
-Added Cicada (CW)
-Added Killer Frost (CW)

-Added Mario
-Added Luigi
-Added Link
-Added Samus
-Added Donkey Kong
-Added Fox
-Added Mega Man
-Added Captain Falcon
-Added Pikachu
-Added Wolf
-Added Sonic
-Added Ryu
-Added Mewtwo
-Added Shadow Mewto
-Added Waluigi

-Added Beebo
-Added Perfect Bidoof

Super Powers:

-Added Transdimensionnal Powers (Vibe)
-Added Ice Powers (Killer Frost)
-Added Dark Matter (seriously don't take it)
-Added Dark Matter Manipultation Powers (Cicada)
-Added Negative Speedforce

New things:

-Added new Tab "Super Smash Bros. Characters"
-Added new Tab "Super Secret Suits"
-Added crafts for EVERY super powers !
-Added Venom toggle transformation (like in the Venom movie) for Symbiote Injection
-Added new spider abilities for Venom, Symbiote Spidey, Symbiote Flash & Symbiote (superpower)
-Added Web wings to: batman (both versions) ; symbiote spidey (custom), homecoming spidey & iron spidey
-Added "Climbin Walls" to the Radioactive Spider Venom injection
-Go download my pack for Cicada's Dagger (it's an addition recommanded for this update)


-Turned Iris West suit into XS suit (name + textures)
-Changed Lightspeed's particles
-Changed Flash 90's particles (also added lightnings trails, referring to the appearance
in the CW show)
-Updated every spider-man items to fit with heroesexpansion's spider-man textures
-Updated other item textures of some armor parts to look better