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Avaritia Lucky Block

The power of Infinity in a Lucky Block





  • Diamonds, Iron, Gold, Emerald, etc (Vanilla)
  • Armor and tools of Avaritia Mod
  • Etc 



This Addon needs Avaritia mod (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/avaritia-1-10)and Lucky Block mod for its correct use since without both mods it will not work
The file must go in the addons folder, this folder will be created from having the lucky block mod installed, it is located in the .minecraft folder or where the game directory is installed


This addons is already functional but it still lacks some configurations, additions, etc (like structures, more mobs, etc)




It would help me a lot if you make a donation through PayPal, it is not necessary and thank you very much everyone for the support and sorry for the delay in updating