Iron Man Abilities

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot



Jul 20, 2018

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Iron Man  V1.0


How to become Iron Man:




To become Iron Man, you need to start by crafting an Arc Reactor. All the recipes can be found here: (Drop items on ground)


Recipes (Drop on ground)

Arc Reactor: 8 Redstone Blocks + 1 Beacon


Mark 7 Helmet: 8 Redstone Blocks + 4 Gold Ingots + 1 Iron Helmet


Mark 7 Chestplate: 1 Arc Reactor + 1 Iron Chestplate


Mark 7 Leggings: 7 Gold Ingots + 1 Iron Leggings


Mark 7 Boots: 4 Redstone Blocks + 1 Iron Boots

After crafting the whole suit and putting it on you can now access the powers of Iron Man!




Punch (Slot 1)

You get extra punching strength


Repulser Blast (Slot 2)


Press the drop key (Q) to fire a repulser blast that will explode after a second


Missile (Slot 3)


Press the drop key (Q) to fire a missile that is more powerful than the repulser blast and creates a larger explosion.


Flight (Slot 4)

Press the drop key (Q) to fly up in the air! (Every press flies you up a few blocks)


Hover (Slot 5)

Press the drop key (Q) to hover in place for a second! (Rapidly press Q to hover for longer)


Air Dash (Slot 6)

(While in the air) Press the drop key (Q) to fly forward quickly!  (Press multiple times to continue flight)


Mining Enhancement (Slot 7)

The last power is an iron pickaxe that never breaks! While using this ability, you also mine way faster than usual which is very useful for survival!


Water Breathing (Passive)

If you are wearing the helmet, you will be able to breath under water!



To install this mod into your vanilla 1.13 world, you have to go to the save folder which can be found by clicking "edit" on the world you want to use and clicking "open world folder". There should be a folder there called "datapacks". Just drag the contents in the .zip folder from the download into there. When joining the world after installing the mod, type in the chat "/reload". This will reload any datapacks you have. If you see the "datapack activated" message, that means you installed it correctly!.


If you have any issues with the mod, file them under the "issues" section.




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