Glite Lucky Block | Luck Increase

15,679 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.8

!!! Global Warning:

The +100 verions of lucy blocks will may give you only 10 Drops.

We have removed the luck upgrade for a short Season when

we got fixed the bug. Now back agian to the descirption.




Glite Lucky Block - The Lucky Block made with the greatest glite


powers found in world. It's a lucky block made of glite and other


secret Things.



You can get the Glite Amor, the strongest armor in this block.


To get this strong staff, you Need to obtain the


seconary Basic gear. Here are armors:



1. Glite Armor


This is the storngest armor in this world. It will hail you with the best effects possible.



2. Reflice Armor


This is an commen armor. It will shield your damage and will hurt anyone who hits you with an 50% cance.



3. Protent Armor


This is an rare armor. It will protect 60% of your damage taken but it will not hurt oppnents.


4. Instaheal Armor


This armor will give you extra health and some golden hearts that will regenrate every 5 seconds. Get



5. Tundra Armor


This armor is weak, but it will give you an massive boots.



Hope you like my lucky block! Enjoy!









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