Fish Lucky Blocks

18,897 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


Updating to 1.17!

0% complete. Waiting for things to update.

This version will include:

- Actual custom armor (Custom armor textures without Optifine)

- New armor sets

- 1.17 shader magic

- New stuff



Important: The latest version is only compatible with Lucky Block version 1.16.5-1.

For some odd reason, 1.16.5-2 will break some drops.


Description is being worked on currently

For now, you can check out the old description

 Old Description



Made for Minecraft

Hello! This is my very first lucky block add-on! Please enjoy this, but there may be some bugged drops. Please tell me about these in comments

This is for version 1.12.2, and if you use any versions below, most of the drops will be broken

Well you could try it in 1.13 forge...



- Emerald Lucky Blocks
- Omega Lucky Blocks
- Monster Lucky Blocks
- TNT Lucky Blocks
- Error Lucky Blocks
- Spiral Lucky Blocks

- MCreator (For making the core mod)

- Lucky blocks

- Just a few fish/Tmtravlr (For making an awesome fish mod!) If you want to download this:

- Many of the youtubers that use this lucky block addon 

Note: The other lucky block add-ons where included because they helped me figure out how to make drops


What this is:

This is fish lucky block add-on! It includes fish-related drops such as custom items, modded items, custom mobs, dangerous drops, wishing wells, fish, and more! There are many explosives included, such as the Prismarine Hand Cannon, and the Trident. This is a pretty over-powered add-on. Keep that in mind when planning your next low-power lucky block hunger games. You can use this for Bedwars, Lucky block races, and more. If your going to use my lucky blocks, please credit me, and if you don't, then don't worry. I will not send ballistic missiles towards your house. There are a few dangerous drops. I will eventually have a download link for the non-explosives one so you don't worry that your house will become a smoldering crater at the end of the day. Enjoy!


IMPORTANT: If you want half of the drops to work, this mod is required


Ammo chart:

 Quick thing:






Updates: (Also cancelled)

- Heavy bug fixing

- Adding custom armor models Bosses Update 2.0/Models Update (CANCELED) *cancelled

- More bosses

- All models will be remade


1.0.7 Bosses Update

- Custom bosses

- Special loot


1.0.6 The Texture Update

- Adding better textures (32x32)

- Added players triggering traps 

- Adding more drops

- Updating core mod and adding more items

- Mega Prismarine Blaster (Farther range+More Power)

- And more!

1.0.5 The Fortune Update

- Added custom fortune blocks

- Added more normal drops to make overpowered drops rarer

- Added Leveled Armor

- And more!


- All mod content added

- All current bugs fixed

- Add-on created

- Curseforge link posted


How to use:

- Download the core mod at and the lucky block mod and JAFF (Kind of optional)

- Go into .minecraft/addons/lucky_block and place the addon .jar file in there

- Put JAFF and the core mod into .minecraft/mods

- Run forge 1.12.2

- Then your ready!



Planned Updates:

- Making this a bit less overpowered

- Adding more items and special things to core mod

- Fixing broken drops

- Getting rid of some drops

- 1.16.5 support

- Removing core mod requirement (No one uses it)

- Balancing things out a bit better


 Note: You need to be on a normal generated world otherwise some drops won't work!


IMPORTANT: What you are allowed to use this file for:

What you can use this for:

 - Make a video with these lucky blocks without crediting me

- Use these lucky blocks for personal uses

- Copy drops for your own lucky blocks

- Use without credit

- You can upload this AS LONG as it specifies who made this and it is frequently updated AND is not sold for money

What you Cannot use this for:

- Re-upload this on a different mod page without the requirements above

- Modify and upload with the same name and it is modified

- Re-upload with a different name and your credits

- Not allowed to hack my account and change stuff!



I'm just warning you: Don't touch those unlucky blocks.

What happens?



If you are a youtuber, making a video for this would be highly appreciated! I may even post it on this page



If you can't get this to work:


Problem #1: I put the add-on .zip file in the "addons" folder and the add-on doesn't work

Answer: In the "addons" folder, there should be a folder called "lucky_block". Put the add-on in there and then run the game.

Problem #2: The game crashes whenever I use this

Answer: Check if there are any mods that are large and try to remove them or allocate more RAM to Minecraft. If that doesn't work, tell me in comments. Or it could be there is an issue with my add-on or the core mod. 

Problem #3: Nothing works

Answer: Make sure you put the add-on in the "addons" folder and the core mod in the "mods" folder. I have done this before. And if that doesn't work, there might of been a problem with the download.


 I also really wonder how there are more downloads for the core mod than the addon


Thanks a LOT to CraftStones for making this video!


Enjoy and have a good day!


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