Data pack/Datapack: Death Coordinates

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot



Jul 19, 2018

Owner: fancytweaks

We do not like dying in the game... do we? After all, it follows the loss of things, which then will be very difficult to return ... It's time to fix it! Now, with this data pack in the chat game for you, at your death will write a message with the coordinates of death. Cool?..

Forgot the coordinates? No problem! Now you can remind yourself of them by writing command: «/trigger death_reminder».

How to delete a data pack? Write the command «/function death_coords:uninstall», then write another command: «/datapack disable <name of data pack>».
How to install a data pack? It's simple — upload the zip-archive to the «datapacks» folder of your world then write «/reload» command.

One more thing! For us, English is not our native language, so please forgive us for the mistakes. Please send them in your comments, thank you.


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