Craftable Command Blocks Datapack

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Craftable Command Blocks

Legends passed on through the village speak of a cube the size of a crafting table that made the Players into gods. To obtain this item, one must find four exceedingly uncommon artifacts: the heart of the Three-Headed Skeleton, the blue pearl buried under the sea, the egg of the first Dragon, and the apple blessed by the Creator. Good luck!


Go to your Minecraft data folder (usually either C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft or /home/USERNAME/.minecraft), then to the saves folder, then the folder with your world's name, then to the datapacks folder. Copy the zip file there.

More detailed info

This is my first datapack! I hope you enjoy it, even though it isn't much. I hope datapacks evolve into full-blown mods (and so far custom mobs have been announced, so they probably will). The potential is limitless.

The below part is hidden as spoilers because it tells you how to craft the block in more precise terms. The riddle should be precise enough.

To craft a command block you will need:

  • Nether Star
  • Heart of the Sea
  • Dragon Egg
  • Enchanted Golden Apple

I wanted to make it extremely hard to obtain, since it basically makes you a god :). If you want to use your only Dragon Egg elsewhere, simply give yourself an extra with the Command Block you just crafted!


The recipe is shapeless so you won't need to know anything else about the recipe, and you won't need a crafting table (though you'll have one anyway at this point). The result will be a command block and the Apotheosis achievement. My personal recommendation upon getting the block is this: switch to creative with /gamemode USERNAME creative so you can actually break the block!


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