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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot



Aug 29, 2018

Owner: LavaCreperKing

Control Panel is a data pack made for giving you more possibilities in Minecraft from creating an elevator that has multiple floors and goes up and down to trying your skills at Minecraft hard mode which add a new layer of difficulty to the game with new monsters and bosses but also some cool loot. There are also other features that change things up and give you real Minecraft super powers. So how about it? Do you want to have super powers in Minecraft?


Version 1.4 only works for Minecraft 1.14 +


If you are updating from version 1.4 or before you will need to run these commands. (/function cp:world_update, /function cp:player_update)


See what's new on the Minecraft forum!

For full list and more detailed information view on the Minecraft forum:


Enderman protection(endermen don't move blocks)

Drowned drop prismarine_crystals and shards

Ender dragon drops Remote Control(needed to use Builder Bot)

Ender dragon has a chance to drop The Better Sword

Builder Bot(control a bunch of robots and have them do stuff for you)


Ender Gateway

Hard mode(more difficulty more fun)

In hard mode monsters will not pickup your items so they can't de-spawn with them.

More advancements

Better block drops for some blocks

More/better crafting:

      Craft things you never could before and now get six stairs instead of four.

Magic Box:

      Used for some crafting and upgrading the boots of speed. More info on Minecraft forum.

      Created by renaming a minecart with chest to: Magic Box

      Can combine swords into power swords, and can exchange items for other items.

More items(get in hard mode): 

      Wings of Levitation

      Boots of Speed

      Boots of speed +

      Armor of Protection

      Hard Hat 

      Hard Hat +

      OP items

      Legendary items

Monsters(in hard mode):


      Un-dead miners

      Possessed armors

      Zombies and skeletons can get buffs

      Wither skeletons can get bows

      Skeletons can get swords

      Spiders can poison you and trap you in a web




           The Lunatic Cultists

           The Player of Notch

More commands:





     Ender pearl bank

     Tnt bank


     Boots of Speed commands

     Wings of levitation commands

On screen Control Panel to control features of Control Panel Gives You Super Powers

And more to come


So, Want to give it a shot? Want to get your Minecraft super powers today?


How to install:

Un-pack controlpanel folder from zip file and place it in your world datapacks folder.

Load up you world.

Check to see if Control Panel is enabled last by running /datapacks list enabled.

If it is not enabled last pleas disable it and re-enable it last. It needs to be last for all features to work.

Now go to your spawn chunks by using a compass to find your spawn point.

When you are there run /function cp:world_setup this will set up your world for Control Panel.

Now setup you player with /function cp:player_setup if you are playing multiplayer everyone will need to run this command.

You are now setup. Now bring up the control panel with /function #minecraft:controlpanel and get your Minecraft super powers.

Note: Installing Control Panel will change logAdminCommands, sendCommandFeedback, and connamdBlockOutput to false.



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