Beyond Belief Shaders

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Day clear

Night clear

Night rain

Day rain

Day rain 2

Rustic Village - Clockwork Mage

A fabulous picture taken by Clockwork Mage and sent to me over on our discord.

Captain's Quarters - Clockwork Mage

Another beautiful picture sent to me by Clockwork Mage on our discord. Taken with his modpack (linked in the main post).


Pic from Enrique on our discord.

Jungle 2

Pic from Enrique on our discord.

Jungle 3

Pic from Enrique on our discord.

sunrise on the ocean

Picture was taken by Enrique on the discord.

A beautiful sunrise over the city

Screenshot taken by "that one swedish birb#0342" on our discord

v1.2.6 Ferris Wheel Day

V1.2.6 City Night

V1.2.7 With water waves disabled

V1.2.7 Waves disabled

Showing off the changeable water colors and other various features coming.

EroiiKZz's Tavern [BBL 1.3.2]

A picture from u/EroiiKZz on reddit displaying a path to their tavern. Link to original: