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Last Updated: May 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2



Aug 3, 2017

Owner: Dakotah2468

 As of shader version 1.3 I shall not be making major updates, only bugfixes and maybe a few small features but I am putting my time into making a new shader from scratch.


Belief Shaders (aka. Bbepc) started creation back in Aug 2015 by Daniel Rodriguez Moya. He has given me permission to update this shader and to upload it here for everyone here to enjoy. Does not work on mac or with intel gpus. Updates come out on the discord before they come here.


Someone asked this on discord and I shall clarify this here. This shaderpack works with any Minecraft version that has shaders mod or Optifine.



This Seus 10.2 modification is a total overhaul adding;

  • Wet Effect (reflections off tiles when it rains)
  • Dimension specific edits
  • Toggles for almost everything
  • Volumetric clouds 
  • Motion blur
  • A more gentle and natural seeming coloration of lighting both day and night
  • Improved water
  • Depth of field (DOF)
  • Slower waving leaves and moving clouds
  • Celshading
  • Customized distance fog
  • Godrays
  • Works on new Nvidia drivers!! (In v1.1+)


  • Witchery mod werewolf mode messes with lens flare and haze
  • Will not display red effect from Random things blood moons and can cause the screen to go black at certain heights during the event
  • Conquest textures loading weird in 1.12 (not tested on older versions)
  • Doesn't work with some AMD cards



Toggle for custom water added. Fixed misc water issues such as no wave setting being broken.


Fixed fog issues, separated the overworld files.


Fog added to all the realms and a bit of end tweaking.
Celshading added.
Added Godrays.
Fixes the ugly blue in the nether and boosts fps there too.


Added ColorGrading and LowtoneSaturation toggles along with a toggle for nighteye desaturation strength.
Fixed a bug in 
AO tweaked to be stronger.

Fixed waving shadows when waving was disabled, fixed shadow speed and switched the animation speed toggle to a slider.

Added fresnel slider for water.

A lot of water revamping stuff including water color customizability.

Also removed that ugly default mc texture that shows in the water.

Added water transparency toggle.

Customizable values for rain reflect intensity added, flat water setting added (only reflects 2d clouds).

Added higher light values for the emissive toggle.

Nightvision has been added.


Beacon shadow removed and, entities now have correct normals so there shouldn't be any more weird effects with them.


Added toggles for night eye effect, lens flare and motion blur strength. Also fixed an issue with dof messing with held items.


You can now toggle bloom on and off. Additionally I decreased the bloom in the nether!!

Volumetric clouds (With toggle)

removed some useless settings

Brightened nether and added some toggles, also adjusted lava and fire value in the nether

Gave the End a sky and adjusted its brightness

Added in Low light fuzziness. Fixed water for 1.13 and added some sexy options. gbuffers_weather error fixed. Animation speed settings.


Various Bug fixes.


Fixed white screen issue on Nvidia cards with newer drivers.


Added: Rainwater effects on blocks and other misc. effects (I forgot what I all did)


Initial release by Daniel




Original version (v0.5 "lite")



V 1.2.3

video by Craftstones showing off the shaders and how to install

External Links:


Official modpack using this shader pack: The SteamBox 3


Click here to join the discord and share your ideas or get early betas.



Daniel (original edits to Seus)

Sonic Either (for base)

Sildur (helping with options menu)


 If you are interested in supporting me there is a donation button in the top right corner of this pageOr you can use this link.



Redistribution is allowed and if anyone says otherwise, f*ck them!


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