Better Vanilla Crafting Pack

Last Updated: Jan 6, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot


Jan 6, 2018

Owner: Traycaan

With 50+ new recipes added to the game, this datapack for 1.13 snapshots aims to bring a balanced crafting experience to Minecraft, with NO mods. The pack features recipes long waited for in the game while not upsetting the balance, along with new recipes increasing the vanilla experience. With updates planed for custom loot and more recipes this pack will never get boring. Great for a tweak in your everyday Minecraft experience while remaining loyal to vanilla.  



Featuring balanced recopies:

  • slabs back to blocks
  • saddle recipie
  • horse armor recipie
  • more bonemeal
  • dragon's breath
  • sponge
  • rotten flesh
  • mob heads
  • and much more!

 Datapack install (windows):

1. Download .zip file and extract

2. Retrieve Better_Crafting_Pack file within extracted file

3. Go to %appdata% using search bar

4. Should see .minecraft folder open

5. Go to saves and then the choose the save you wish to install the datapack in

6. Place Better Crafting Pack into datapacks folder and load the world or use f3+t debug command in game

7. use /reload command and/or the /datapack commands to enable


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