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99,938 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.12

Thank you for 70,000 downloads! CoreProtect support is here!!!

Do you have a minecraft server and have trouble with users x-raying?
XrayInformer may be your solution to get rid of them.

XrayInformer hooks into your server logging plugin and calculates data to tell you if a player is cheating with an Xray mod.


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What will be added in later versions?

  • Faster more efficient search algorithm.
  • Add support for CoreProtect.
  • Support for Prism
  • Have calculations only account for natural mined ores, not placed ores
  • Update and fix the cleared player manager

As a learning and aspiring developer, I am still looking for some means of support in future school endeavors. If you would like to donate and help support me, it would be greatly appreciated. My plugins are free, and this is optional. If you can't support me through monetary means, please feel free to comment and check out my other plugins as well. Anything helps, thanks!


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