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A new GIANT update will come out soon! It will have economy support, baby mobes, color names, have them follow you and more!


xPets Mobs xPets allows players to easly rename Mobs using one simply command. xPets has its own unique inventory, where players can select there own pet, simple and easy!



  • Custom Permissions
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Allows for Multi-Space Mobs name
  • Simple Commands
  • Light Weight

How to Use

To start using xpets, simply type /open. It then opens up a clickable-GUI, which therefore you can select your pet. To name it, type /name [Name] which will spawn you your selected friend.


By defualt, only OP's will be aloud to use the xpetsopen and the xpetsname command.

  • xpets.* - Grants every permission node.
  • xpets.open - Grants the /xpetsopen command.
  • xpets.name - Grants the xpetsname Command.

Future Updates

  • Baby/Hostile Mobs
  • Colored names
  • Pets will follow players
  • Economy support (Requires Vault)
  • A command to teleport your pet to you (it will auto-teleport to you depending on the config distance)

Whats new in Update 4.5

  • Fixes inventory 2.
  • More mobs!

About the Dev

This plugin is developed by @JPG2000 and @foodyling. Need a custom plugin? Contact me, by messaging me here on bukkit.dev, or me on the fourms @JPG2000. Or, leave a comment.


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