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Last Updated: Nov 3, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.4.6-R0.3



Oct 29, 2012

Owner: _ForgeUser9424290

This is a simple plugin to convert from XP to Emeralds and back again. Other items may be used instead of Emeralds, if desired (XP to Dirt, anyone?). The item to use and the scale of conversion may be customized on a per-world (or global) basis.

Version 1.1.0 is considered feature-complete. While suggestions (or pull requests!) are welcome, the only planned work is bug fixes, and keeping it up to date.

While the jarfile is built against 1.4.6, it has been confirmed to be compatible through 1.7. Future updates will be built against the current stable or beta of Bukkit.


This section uses the following format:

Description here.
usage: /command <required_argument> [optional_argument]
Convert some XP to Emeralds.
usage: /xptoemerald [player] [amount]
/xptoemerald setscale
Set the scale of conversion.
usage: /xptoemerald setscale <scale> [world]
/xptoemerald setmaterial
Set the material to use.
usage: /xptoemerald setmaterial <material> [world]
/xptoemerald reload
Reload values from the configuration file.
usage: /xptoemerald reload
Convert some Emeralds to XP.
usage: /emeraldtoxp [player] [amount]
Alias of /xptoemerald
Alias of /emeraldtoxp

Signs may be set up as follows.
<blank line>
The <conversion_type> should be xte or etx, the former meaning the sign converts XP to Emeralds, the latter Emeralds to XP. The <amount> is the amount of resources that should be converted with each click. Permission xptoemerald.admin required to place signs, xptoemerald.sign to use.


conversion_scale: Set the scale of conversion (the amount of XP that converts to 1 Emerald).
material: Set the material to use.
convert_xp_using: If emeralds is used, the [amount] is in Emeralds, while if xp is used, it is XP.
convert_emeralds_using: Similarly, sets the [amount] to Emeralds, or can convert based on the desired Experience level. (This feature may not work correctly.)

To use specific settings for a world, use the following format:
____conversion_scale: 9001
____material: gold_ingot
Replace the underscores with spaces, and 9001 and gold_ingot with the values you wish to use.


xptoemerald.*: Give access to all xptoemerald commands.
xptoemerald.admin: Allow converting of other player's resources. Also allows setting of scale and material, and reloading of the config file.
xptoemerald.convert: Allow converting of XP to Emeralds and back.
xptoemerald.convert.xte: Allow conversion of XP to Emeralds via commands.
xptoemerald.convert.etx: Allow conversion of Emeralds to XP via commands.
xptoemerald.sign Allow conversion via signs.

Planned Features
  • Version 1.1.0 is considered feature-complete. While suggestions are welcome, the only planned work is bug fixes, and keeping it up to date.


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