WorldRegions is an extension to the WorldGuard plugin that adds more flags to regions to allow for greater customization options.

WorldRegions is 1.7.8 compatible!


WorldRegions comes with a variety of useful flags to add to regions.
allowed-breakblock listAllow players to only break specified blocks.
allowed-damagedamage listAllow players to only be affected by specified damage types.
allowed-placeblock listAllow players to only place specified blocks.
apply-potionpotion effect listApply a potion effect to the player every second they are in the region.
blocked-breakblock listBlock players from breaking specified blocks.
blocked-damagedamage listBlock players from being affected by specified damage types.
blocked-placeblock listBlock players from placing specified blocks.
healingallow/denyAllow or deny healing the player by natural causes.
hungerallow/denyAllow or deny hunger and starvation damage.
instabreakallow/denyAllow players in survival mode to instantly break blocks.
item-pickupallow/denyAllow or deny players picking up items.
item-spawnallow/denyAllow or deny items spawning when dropped or mined.
mob-targetingallow/denyAllow or deny mobs targeting players to attack them.
pveallow/denyAllow or deny players attacking mobs, but not players.
regenallow/denyAllow or deny players being healed by a full hunger bar.
sheep-eat *allow/denyAllow or deny sheep from eating grass inside the region.
timetimeKeep the player's client time set to a specific time.
wither-block-damage *allow/denyAllow or deny withers or wither skulls from destroying blocks inside the region.
zombie-door-breakallow/denyAllow or deny zombies breaking down wooden doors.

Flags marked with a * were added in the Beta 1.0.1 R2 release, and are still being approved.
You may find more information about flag types here.

Setup & Dependencies

For more detailed setup instructions including permissions, see here.

WorldEdit by sk89q
WorldGuard by sk89q
All dependencies must be up-to-date.

Bugs & Suggestions

If you have a bug or suggestion, leave a comment below.

Please do not reload WorldGuard by any other means than /reload. Doing so will cause the WorldRegions flags to be removed from every loaded region.


This plugin is not approved by or endorsed by sk89q.