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2,364 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 12, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.4.7-R1.0
Description: WordyLogin is a plugin that lets you set custom messages for when someone joins a game. The plugin itself is very simple and lightweight.

  • Specify the join/quit message with the config.
  • Specify the join/quit message ingame with the proper command.
  • You are able to choose which color the messages will appear in the config file.
  • Random Messages on each login
  • Permission controlled random messages
  • /wj join [message] - Sets the join message
  • /wj quit [message] - Sets the quit message
  • Custom Join Message
  • Custom Quit Message
  • Message Color
  • WJ.use
  • WJ.random
  • <s>Random login and quit messages</s>
  • Custom Messages Only for players with the permission node

Other Information: This plugin was made for the server ProjectTowns.
My Server's Website: http://www.ProjectTowns.com
Website: http://pluginspro.weebly.com/
My Server IP:: MC.ProjectTowns.com
Donations: If you would like to support me, please donate :)


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