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If you need an alternative cussword blocking plugin you can use: NOSWEARING

I'm still developing my other plugin DispenserTools


Version: v1.4
Newest tested Bukkit version: 1.5
Optional dependency: Vault


  • Blocks cusswords
  • Custom messages (easy to translate)
  • permissions
  • Variables in messages!
  • a config to toggle all actions
  • ingame commands to edit the wordlist
  • automatic error reporting to the developer


WordPunishments (WP) blocks cusswords and punishs the player who used a cussword with the following things: Everything is toggleable!
  • it replaces them with a custom message
  • it sends a public message
  • it sends a message to the player, who used the cussword
  • it takes money from the player who used the cussword
  • it kicks the player
  • it kills the player
  • it performs a command
You need Vault if you enable paying! Help for the commands and the permissions is at the top of this page. The config contains a very detailed description of every property. In the config you could use <player> for the player, <word> for the word and <price> for the price in the privatemessage, publicmessage, replacement and command


This is what happens if someone uses a cussword and doesn't has the permissions to bypass it with the default config(things you could change are marked):
Someone types: "you bollox!"
punishmenttype: replace
It'll be changed to: "you ***!"
punishmenttype: pay
The plugin takes the money that's defined for the word in the config from the player
punishmenttype: privatemessage
The player gets a message (edit it in the config): You used "bollox" and payed 500 Dollars as penalty!
punishmenttype: publicmessage
Everybody gets a message (edit it in the config): Player PLAYERNAME payed 500 Dollars for using a cussword!
<big>The following punishment types are not enabled by default:</big>
punishmenttype: command
clearinventory PLAYERNAME command will be executed (edit the command in the config)
punishmenttype: kill
The player will be killed
punishmenttype: kick
The player will be kicked from the server. The privatemessage is shown as 'kick message'


Simply put the "WordPunishments.jar" in your "plugins" folder and reload or restart the server. It'll generate two config files:
Open it at first and change what you want. Every setting is described in the config file
Edit this file via the ingame commands or if you want to edit the file read the notes at the top of it.

Language files:

If you send me a pm with your language file I'll add it to the list. If you want to use one of these files download it, rename it to "WordList.yml" and copy it in plugins/WordPunishments.
language download
english Download

Error Reporting

The automatic error reporting function sends a message to the plugin manager if an error occurs. If you don't like it you could disable it in the config if you set "enableLogging" to "false".


"+" added something "-" removed something "~" changed something "*" fixed something
  • + command punishmenttype
  • * some errors with the encoding of the configs
  • 1.3a
  • + automatic error reporting system (toggle it in the config)
  • 1.3
  • + two config files
  • + updated to 1.4.5
  • + added kick and pay function
  • ~ publichmessage and privatemessage are switchable now
  • 1.2
  • + permissions
  • + command aliases
  • + toggleable actions
  • + config cleaned up
  • 1.1
  • + commands
  • + config
  • + predefined list extendet
  • 1.0
  • + First version
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