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Please note that I do not post updates frequently here please use the spigot page for update found here 

It is a simple lightweight plugin that randomly will teleport players when they do /wild. It gives 10 seconds of resistance so that they have a chance to fight any mobs when they spawn. Prevents usage in Nether and End may add support for Nether and End in a future update.Prevents spawning over Plays sound on teleport to configurable. bodies of water and lava. Plugin requires Vault.
Why choice mine well because Ive noticed that alot of the others include features that arent really needed or are buggy. I offer just the basics signs.cooldowns,and a cost along with sound just as a fun thing and something to distinguish my plugin from others
Aceptable values for the sounds are as follows: enderman teleport , egg pop , dragon growl , enderman scream , portal travel , ghast moan , ghast scream , explosion BTW they are case insensitive so dont worry about copy paste. Variables for the cool down and cost messages are {cost} for the cost {rem} for remaining time and {cool} for the cooldown
Sign format:
/wild - Initial command for players teleports to random location
/wild [player] - Command for admins to teleport other players to random location
/wildtp reload - Reload the plugin config
/wildtp - Shows help message
/wildtp set
wild.wildtp - Give player access to /wild
wild.wildtp.others - Gives player the ability to use /wild on other players
wild.wildtp.create.sign - Gives player ability to create WildTp signs
wild.wildtp.break.sign - Allows player to break wildtp signs
wild.wildtp.cooldown.bypass - Allows player to bypass cooldown
wild.wildtp.cost.bypass - Allows bypassing of command cost
wild.wildtp.reload - Gives player the ability to reload the plugin's config
wild.wildtp.set - Allows player to set the min and max x and z

Feel free to say any suggestions in the discussion area.
Dev builds and source code here https://github.com/Qballl/WildernessTp if you want to fork to help improve please feel free to do so. Also, issues can be posted there.

Possible Features:
Cooldown for command Done
Price for using command?? dDone
Possible Nether support?? Done
Possible portal support??Done


If you feel complied to help me out to by donating click this
Support: qvanbooven513@gmail.com or at my github


This plugin uses bStats:

bStats is a metrics service that allows me to to see how many servers use my plugins, how many players they have, and which countries use my plugin the most. All information is anonymized, so no information can be directly linked to you, and instead is added to the average of all severs that use the plugin.


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