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Whitelist - Simple Whitelisting for all!

What is a whitelist? A whitelist is a list that only lets people join your server if they are on it. Why use this plugin over the default whitelist? You can customise it to how YOU want. Limit what players can and cannot whitelist certain players and much more!

What does this plugin do?

Provides a whitelist that can be used to only allow certain players to join. Slows down griefers as they have to apply for the whitelist beforehand. Its simple and easy to configure, just drag and drop into your plugins folder then start the server and let the config and whitelist be created. Configure it to how to like then get.... whitelisting!




  • Easy to use.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Simple config.
  • Permissions


  • /whitelist help - Shows all help.
  • /whitelist reload - Reloads the plugin and config.
  • /whitelist add - Add a player to the whitelist.
  • /whitelist remove - Remove a player from the whitelist.
  • /whitelist on/off - Turn the whitelist on or off.
  • /whitelist list - List current players on the whitelist. (You can disable this in the config)


  • whitelist.* - All commands. (Base permission with four children)
  • whitelist.admin - Access to all commands.
  • whitelist.add - Access to add players to the whitelist.
  • whitelist.remove - Access to remove players from the whitelist.
  • whitelist.list - Allows the user to list current players on whitelist.

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