Last Updated: Nov 3, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.3.1-R2.0



Aug 22, 2012

Owner: Warreo


What Is This?

  • Allows to repair items, all tools and equipment (with exception of lighter and fishing pole) at cost of items, no economy plugin required.
  • Ability for server owner to have full control over the cost of items to be repaired and which blocks are anvils.

How To Use:

  • For all items you just have to right click on an anvil block and will either give you a /confirm option or just repair it if you have the materials. (/confirm is a config option).
  • Bows work identical to everything except use the left click instead. (Due to pull back on right click)
  • For further info on using please watch the informational video. (Will be posted within 24hrs)

How Do I Config?

  • My personal goal for all config is always nothing but total control for you, the operator. So that's why every single item that can be repaired is configurable.
  • The config is set up in this order, Anvil Info, Repairing Options, Bow Repairs, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Stone, Wood, Leather.

Explaining The Repairing Options:

  • I think most should be fairly self-explanatory but here it is.
  • CanFail is the option to toggle the ability on repair to fail at the cost of no repair and loss of your repair item, and naturally the Chance is merely the percentage of chance to fail, defaulted off and at 25%.
  • The Saftey.Confim is a toggle for a player to have to confirm the repair (cancels after 4 seconds). Defaulted to true, to help prevent accidentally losing your valuable items.
  • Now this last config option is nothing but for something new, so if you're anything like me I do lots of reloading on my server and sometimes if I'm testing I need forget what defaults are, so this allows the command /ConfigGen to regenerate the default config, you must still reload at after the command is typed. This command also has a permission, obviously. (See Permissions)


  • The only permission in the current build is for the /ConfigGen command:
    • -WarsAnvil.Docs

To Do:

  • Add lighter/fishing pole
  • Add more config options/more editing
  • Give me some more ideas!

Bugs And/Or Errors:

  • None that I'm currently aware of, please post immediately for me to fix!

Enjoy This Plugin?

As always I really appreciate donations! If nothing else let me know what you think of this plugin, I've put lots of time into it for you guys!



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