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What is WarpPro?

WarpPro is a warp plugin that uses a MySQL database to store all the player warps. This is a lot more efficient to manage than a YAML configuration file, making it easier for server admins to maintain all the warps. Also, using a MySQL database to store all the warps means that multiple servers can retrieve the warp list.

Current Features?

  • Creation command (/warp create [warp name])
  • Teleport command (/warp travel [warp name])
  • Info command (/warp info [warp name])
  • Delete command (/warp delete [warp name])
  • Inventory interface to view recently created warps

Future Implementations?

  • Delete warps command
  • Inventory interface to view a list of warps
  • Per-server warps (Suitable for BungeeCord and Lilypad servers)
  • Coloured warp names
  • Admin warp management interface
  • Command permissions
  • Warp creation limit
  • Warp creation cooldown

How to Import the Database?

  1. Retrieve the database file from here
  2. Open the Phpmyadmin interface and create a new database
  3. Select import on the navigation bar located at the top
  4. Select the file and press go at the bottom

Thank you for choosing WarpPro!


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