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Filename war-1.9.jar
Uploaded by cmastudios
Uploaded Jun 8, 2016
Game Version 1.9
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MD5 b306550c323886c9f5c1b646c4df6bc9
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Welcome to War 1.9! Remember to backup your war zone data before upgrading.

  • Economy support! (through Vault). Use /zonecfg ecoreward:MONEY or /teamcfg to reward players of the winning team at the end of a game.

  • Language update! War now supports (fully or partially) 27 languages. See https://github.com/taoneill/war/wiki/Languages for more.

  • Automatically send players to a particular war zone and autoassign them when they connect to the server. Use /warcfg autojoin:ZONE

  • Give players potion effects when they join your war zone or team. Use /zonecfg applypotion:EFFECT;TICKS;POWER

  • PvP servers: make players wait before they teleport to a zone or war hub. Use /warcfg tpwarmup:TICKS - mark players exempt with war.warmupexempt

  • New scoreboard type: top kills. Shows each player’s kill count in a zone. Use /zonecfg scoreboard:topkills (requires a resetzone)

  • Sound effects from killstreaks (https://gist.github.com/cmastudios/5687654)

  • Drop inventory on kill - use /zonecfg inventorydrop:true or /teamcfg

  • Compatibility with Minecraft 1.9.4

  • MANY BUGFIXES! Check GitHub for a list.

  • All remaining features will come with War 1.10.

State of Development: We will continue support for the 1.x branch of War for the foreseeable future, supporting Bukkit. Currently, a new universal version of the plugin, with an abstract core, is under development for both Bukkit and Sponge servers, serving as a rewrite of this plugin. It will be known as War 2.0. As of now (2016-06-08) only basic functionality is available. To help develop, or follow development, visit the GitHub page at https://github.com/cmastudios/war-sponge or the website at http://warhub.net

Happy Warring!

Please back up your worlds and War plugin files before applying this update.