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Last Updated: Nov 2, 2013 Game Version: CB 1.4.5-R0.2



May 21, 2012

Owner: xcoldfyrex

What is WaffleIRC?
WaffleIRC is a hosted global chatting system, much like how MCBans is a global banning system. WaffleIRC will create a vast minecraft chat network based on IRC allowing server administrators to create channels for their minecraft community. If you install WafleIRC you wont need to host your own IRC server/network.

Users will be able to interact with other users across the game network on separate minecraft servers and IRC by means on private messaging, joining channels and more methods to come.

What it is NOT
It is not BukkitIRCd or CraftIRC, nor is it a competitor. It will not link to ordinary IRC networks.


  • Death announcements on IRC
  • Full color and text formatting support (italics, bold, and underline)
  • Live chat with other minecraft communities
  • Control your in game chat channels from IRC

In-depth Information
The plugin will be easy to setup: download, and load it. Because it will be using IRC, server admins will be able to create a webchat to embed on their website, as well as allowing users to connect with their favorite IRC client like mIRC or XChat. No IRC administration will be required by end server administrators. Server administrators will be able to customize permissions for their channel, such as: disallowing external messages, color codes and much more. Server administrators will be able to register their minecraft channel(s) for added network services features. WaffleIRC runs on a seperate thread as to not impact server events as well.

Supported Plugins

  • DeathTPPlus
  • Vault(required)
  • Mchat
  • mcbans

Unsupported Plugins
Chat does not work with dynmap currently
Any chat channel plugin. This is designed to replace channels.

How can I contact you or chat with you about this project?
Easy, you can find me on IRC:

irc.paradoxirc.net - #waffleirc
Webchat: http://paradoxirc.net/wc/WaffleIRC

Connecting to the chat network
When the plugin connects, it sends credentials specified in the config file and auto detects your public IP address. In order to connect, the server name, link hash, and the IP address must match what is on file on the server. This is to identify your server and prevent anyone from posing as you. These details can be controlled by the WaffleWeb UI.


More can be found on the config page.

Even though everything seems to work stable, I am marking this ALPHA until I get widespread acceptance there are no problems. This is a two part project, the client plugin you run and the server I wrote. If the server fails, the client plugin won't be able to do anything on IRC but should have zero effect on the plugin. At the moment, the plugin will attempt to make one retry attempt if the connection is lost to the server. YOU, THE SERVER OWNER are responsible for moderating your own channels and controlling your desired permissions. While safeguards have been put in place on the IRC side, it is ultimately your duty. Any information required for normal operation of the plugin is privileged and will be used for the sole use for allowing you to connect and use the network.


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