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Having voting is great on your server, but how are your players supposed to see the links? There's many ways to easily put it on your website but what about in game? That's where VotingLinks gets its purpose. VotingLinks adds a /vote command and vote signs that players can use to see voting links completely configurable in the config.yml file! It fits as many as you would like, however 10 or under is recommended to fit in the chat window at once.


  • Let your players easily access voting links with /vote
  • Give voting links to players through interactive signs (Tutorial is here)
  • Configurable reminders to vote
  • Change links without a server restart using the /vlreload command

Commands and Permissions

/voteLists voting sites and thank you (given by default)
/vlaboutGives plugin version and project link for supportvotinglinks.about (given by default)
/vlreloadReloads the plugin configurationvotinglinks.reload


The default configuration file for the latest version of the plugin is here.


VotingLinks is on GitHub! You can browse the code, make pull requests and other things here!


Just leave a comment below stating your version/error log and detailed description of what happened. I prefer to use comments over the ticket system.

To Do

Nothing at the moment, please suggest things! :)


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