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VoltzHelper (requires Voltz 2.0.4 & ProtocolLib 2.4.3)


"My initial opinion of having my own Voltz server was that players and server would get along. Damn, I was so wrong. Only a couple of days after my first server's release I already had players crashing my server and ruining it for legit players. They ruined my spawn and annoyed me to pieces. After some time I figured I should fix all of these bugs. That's when I decided to make VoltzPatch V1 and V2. However, I never got too far with these projects and they weren't working properly. I stopped with Minecraft completely for several months but then I got contacted by oakiepal and after some time we started collaborating on VoltzHelper..." - aurilisdev


"Being an active player in the Voltz community for years I knew how challenging it was to run a Voltz server. After having my server abused by many players I started to get frustrated. I finally had enough and decided to code VoltzFix, a plugin that is much older than this one, that eradicated many of the quite pesky bugs. After that my Voltz server ran like a charm and it was a paradise for people who hated dupers and hackers. Later, after much searching for another fellow Voltz developer, I met Aurilis and together we collaborated with pieces of our old code and fixed everything making what is now VoltzHelper!" -oakiepal



  • aurilisdev (aurilisdev@gmail.com)
  • oakiepal (oakiepalmc@gmail.com)


Crash Prevention (Both Server-Side and Client-Side):
  • Prevention of certain server crashing Voltz problems.
  • Dynamic Tank crash bug fix.
Dupe Patches:
  • Mekanism Inventory dupes
  • Conveyor belt dupes
  • Obsidian TNT dupe
  • Minecart dupes
  • Teleportation dupes
  • Robit dupes
  • Entity inventory dupes
  • Applied Energistics dupes
Hack Patches (Has some issues with other plugins, being fixed.):
  • Fly Hacks
  • Open the Galacticraft Dimension menu with /GCMenu
  • Heal viruses and stop spreading of viruses to different areas
  • UUID ban players so they can't just change their name and rejoin the server.

Special Thanks!

  • Voltz 2.0.4 (For giving us the opportunity to fix all of these bugs :3)
  • Taeir


The source is not available on GitHub yet, however, it may be available soon.


  • Voltzhelper:
    description: Voltzhelper.
    - vh
    - vhelp
    - voltzh
    - voltzhelp
  • VHReload:
    description: Reloads Voltzhelper.
    - Voltzhelperreload
    - vhelperreload
    - voltzhreload
    - vhr
    permission: voltzhelper.reload
  • GCMenu:
    description: Galacticraft Dimension Menu
    - dimensiontp
    - dtp
    - gctp
    - ssmenu
    - sstp
    - spacerace
    permission: voltzhelper.gcmenu
  • Virus:
    description: Heals the virus effect!
    - vir
    - viru
    - healvirus
    permission: voltzhelper.virus
  • UUIDBan:
    description: UUID Bans a player.
    - uuidbanplayer
    permission: modpackhelper.uuidban
    usage: /UUIDBan player
  • UUIDUnban:
    description: Un-UUID bans a player.
    - unuuidbanplayer
    permission: modpackhelper.uuidunban
    usage: /uuidunban Player


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