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A simple plugin that generates a completely empty, void world. This is different from other plugins in that it's simple, lightweight, updated, and generates only a void world with no spawn. No commands or permissions come with this plugin. Great for lobby/hub servers!

How to Use

  1. Multiverse: You can use Multiverse to generate an empty world by using this command:
    /mv create <world name> normal -g VoidWorld
  2. bukkit.yml: With your server stopped and the world not already generated, you can put the following in your bukkit.yml to have it generate that world using VoidWorld:
        generator: VoidWorld


  • Lightweight. Designed with simplicity in mind. The source is available on GitHub and is less than 40 lines.
  • Only void. VoidWorld only generates the void - nothing. The world will be empty - no bedrock for you to spawn on. If you need a block to start building on, use a WorldEdit command such as /up 1.
  • Always works. VoidWorld will almost never need to be updated and will continue to work with future Minecraft and Bukkit versions.


Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback below! Please report all bugs on GitHub.


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