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VillageMarker - Supports VillageMarkerMod:

Actual version: v0.48 supporting MC/LL 1.12.2


LiteLoader Mod files can get downloaded here...


From version 0.41.1 I am using the source code from LiteLoader Mod author GuntherGW

With version 0.43 I released the first own migrated client mod vor LiteLoader


This plugin supports clients modded with the VillageMarkerMod/LiteLoader mod. It sends information about the villages to all connected clients.
Note: Just modded clients will process that information to visually indicate village bounds.


Until version 0.3: Every client gets the village information from server.

How to use

  • Just copy the plugin jar into your Bukkit plugin folder. (As with other plugins)
  • Restart your server or reload plugins via "/reload" command
  • Follow the instructions on VillageMarkerMod page to mod your client.
  • >0.41 use the client mod for LiteLoader


  • Support for clients modded with the VillageMarkerMod.
  • Supports the Multiverse Plugin (tested Version: 2.5-b678 (beta))


  • villagemarker - the server will send information about villages to every player with this permission (by default true)



VillageMarkerMod LiteLoader

LiteLoader Mod post

Version 1.11:

Update needed?

If you are searching for a new version, just trigger me via an PM. Most of the time I just didn't noticed that a new minecraft version was released.


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