View Players Health and Hunger

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297 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 6, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.1

Uses the same basis as my other plugin "Health Command" and allows you to view what a players Health and Hunger values are. You use the command: "/health [playername]" and it will provide you with a message containing the players name you entered, the amount of Hearts their Food Bar level.

This would be useful as a possible donation perk which could be nice to use.

If you have any ways in which you think I could improve the plugin be sure to PM me!


CheckPlayerHealth.CheckHealth - Allows you to view a players Health and Hunger level.

If you see any bugs PM or comment and I will fix them ASAP.

If you need assistance for anything, you can contact me on skype at: Nieox1

Thank you, ~ Nieox


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