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Download the latest VelvetGlove version 1.0.4, compatible with the DevBuild [1.6.2-R0.1].

Watch the source code of VelvetGlove on GitHub.

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This plugin allows players to deal no damage to either players or entities.

You can use this for games where you would like to push others (players or entities) without killing them too fast !

The velvet glove set the damage to the targets to 0. You can hit someone forever and ever and ever...


You have nothing to do to configure this plugin. Only run it once, all files and directory will be created.

You can configure the plugin in game.

  • velvetglove [material]: set the velvet glove material.
  • targets.players [true|false]: set if the velvet glove is applied on players
  • targets.others [true|false]: set if the velvet glove is applied on other entities


Main command : /velvetglove Aliases: /vglove, /vg

  • /vg: display help
  • /vg ON: enable the velvet glove
  • /vg OFF: disable the velvet glove
  • /vg SET {material}: choose a velvet glove among all minecraft items (default SNOW_BALL) (*)
  • /vg TARGETS [PLAYERS|OTHERS] [true|false]: choose the targets (default true for both) (*)

(*) : If you update the configuration, it will be saved automatically.


The plugin only uses the internal permissions system of Bukkit (in the permissions.yml file of your server).

  • velvetglove.admin # For using administration commands
  • velvetglove.user # For using the velvetglove


Check this page.


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