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ValhallaMMO is compatible with Spigot and its forks (like PaperMC and Purpur) for versions 1.16 and above

If you are using Spigot you should set is_spigot in config.yml to true, or the plugin won't be able to handle block drops properly



ValhallaMMO is an advanced plugin inspired by popular games such as Skyrim or Oblivion, adding in many skills the player can level and progress through. The plugin vastly overhauls progression making Minecraft much more dynamic and longer lasting, and provides many tools for server owners to make the plugin their own.

The motivation for this plugin
To me it seems that experienced Minecraft players tend to reach endgame very fast causing disinterest and boredom, usually followed by them becoming less active on servers and leaving. After you've already done everything Minecraft loses its replay-ability, ValhallaMMO attempts to resolve this problem by slightly nerfing the early stages of the game and vastly buffing and extending the late game. The early game will be slightly harder, the late game will be much stronger but much harder to get to. ValhallaMMO attempts to serve as a great alternative to McMMO or AurelliumSkills by adding more dynamics and depth to gameplay.

skilltree demo


The plugin is still in development, so keep in mind that bugs may be more common. If you do find a bug, let me know and it'll (usually) quickly be fixed!

Major updates happen around once per 1-2 months. Major bugs are updated immediately. Minor bug fixes are available on the discord server and are frequently updated.



Red skills are not implemented yet and so may not have full/accurate descriptions because they are still in development​


Smithing allows the player to craft tools, armor, and other items that have stats that scale with their skill, using a completely new custom way of crafting. Players can also further enhance their crafted items in a similar system called tinkering. (watch the video below for a demonstration on this new system)
Enchanting tweaks the strength of a player's enchantments based on their skill, reducing levels in the early game and increasing them in the late game. The skill also features some custom enchantments and the means to increase/decrease experience gained.​

Alchemy completely overrides the vanilla brewing system to allow for custom potion recipes. With this skill potions will have vastly lower duration & potency early game, but much stronger late game. The plugin also features potion effects that don't exist in the base game, a new transmutation mechanic, and even a recipe to make chocolate milk with cocoa beans.

Mining allows the player to increase their yield from broken blocks, and it encourages blast mining to be a more viable strategy by allowing increased blast radius, drop amounts, decreased TNT damage taken, and "enchanting" TNT with fortune/silk touch. It also features special abilities like Vein Miner and Overdrive, an ability that allows the player to instantly mine blocks at the cost of hunger/health.

Farming increases the player's yield from crops, influences how much hunger points they get from certain foods, and a bunch more. This skill also includes fishing which now pretty much completely has its drops handled by the plugin, allowing players to fish up tools and armor with random enchantments and qualities.

Landscaping is the combining of Woodcutting and Digging. They allow the player to increase their harvest from ground and trees, find valuables hidden in the sand, and find special potion ingredients from trees. Also features special abilities like Tree-capitator, immediately harvesting a full grown tree by mining only one block from it and various "block interact conversions" which allow you to turn one block into another by clicking it with some sort of item, allowing you to turn blocks like cobblestone into mossy cobblestone, stone bricks into cracked stone bricks, sand into glass, etc. Very handy for builders, since they won't need to painstakingly craft 3 types of blocks to add some variation to their builds.

Light & Heavy Armor will act as counter-measures to varying weapon types. Light armor allows you to stay protected while keeping much of your mobility, while heavy armor greatly protects you from damage and knock-back at the cost of speed. Both skills feature passive abilities like Adrenaline and Rage, giving you various effects when you reach low HP. ValhallaMMO completely overhauls the damage system, so you'll have lots of control over how hard the game should be and how much damage people should take.

Archery will allow the player to fire arrows more accurately, deal more damage with them, save more arrows and have special effects on them. ValhallaMMO adds in many custom recipes to make custom arrows, like Iron Arrows, Diamond Arrows, or Explosive Arrows, and features a stealth archer mechanic allowing you to deal more damage shooting enemies while they're looking away. Also features a special ability called Charged Shots, where you gain a number of upgraded attacks benefiting from increased velocity, knockback, piercing, or damage. Charged shots may also fly at max speed regardless of how far drawn back your bow is, and create a fancy sonic boom particle effect when shot!

Light & Heavy Weapons vastly overhauls fighting in general, adding 4 more weapon types, Spears, Warhammers, Maces, and Daggers, each featuring custom attributes to make each weapon unique such as attack reach, crit chance, bleed chance, armor penetration, immunity reduction, and many more. These skills also allow players to parry which is to anticipate an attack and punish the enemy greatly when the prediction is correct, as well as a bleeding and stunning mechanic.

Acrobatics influences the player's mobility, allows players to dodge, and decreases the movement penalty from armors they're wearing.

Unarmed will allow the player to deal heavier damage with their bare fists and prevent the enemy from melee attacking in certain cases. This ability will not feature a disarm mechanic allowing you to steal items, I don't think that should be in the game.
Getting Started​

To get started with the plugin, introduce yourself to the commands with /valhalla help (or /val help)

Some other things to know before you start, this plugin disables vanilla crafting recipes for tools and armor by default because it has a custom crafting system. Players are given an introductory book giving a short summary on how to use the custom crafting. You may re-enable vanilla recipes in the main config if this is not your thing.

If you're using Spigot as opposed to forks of it like Paper or Purpur. Set is_spigot to true in config.yml. The plugin will not be able to drop items properly otherwise.

For players, the /val skills or /skills command will be important in progression. /val profile is also a useful command. All of these commands will be enabled for players by default, so if you don't want this you should specifically remove those permissions through a permissions plugin or the server's permissions.yml file.
The plugin is jam-packed with features, and more added every update. Here's what it currently offers:​
  • Custom crafting system
  • Overhaul of brewing system, allowing you to create your own potion recipes
  • CustomModelData support
  • Custom damage system
  • Advanced attribute modification of items (and soon entities)
  • Custom progression and skills that actually mean something
  • Entirely new potion effects
  • Entirely new attribute modifiers
  • Global effects (global EXP boosters, for example)
  • Custom loot tables for blocks, entities, and fishing with GUI editors
  • Custom recipes with GUI editors
  • A party system with party chat, party roles, exp sharing, and item sharing.​
  • MySQL compatibility
  • Works with GeyserMC as far as I know (GeyserMC is not officially supported, it just happens to work)
  • PlaceholderAPI compatibility​! Get the expansion here


Soon, it'll also have...​
  • More custom enchantments​
  • More customization options for items​
  • Custom recipe compatibility for furnaces, campfires and smithing tables
  • And probably a lot more that I can't think of right now​

If you have any bugs, critiques or suggestions you'd like to tell me about you can do so here on the spigot discussions page or, for a faster response, let me know in my discord server. A review is also very much appreciated and I'm very thankful for you giving this plugin a try!​

And here's a video showcasing the custom crafting system. Yes, I know it is scuffed, I'll make a better video in the future.


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