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Useful Plugin:

NEWS: uConnect is out! Uconnect is an interserver utilities tool allowing for messaging, profiles and more!

The Useful plugin is an all-in-one command plugin which contains many amazing commands for server administration, normal players, fun commands etc. These commands vary a lot but are all very good addons for all servers!
If you have any ideas, need help or anything like that check out the forum!


Upgrading to v2.0+

Originally the join/leave custom messages were 'has left the game'/'has joined the game'. However they are now '*name* has left the game.' To upgrade from pre2.0 to 2.0+ you will need to edit the message to include *name*


Have any problems, need help, got ideas for features? Check out the forum!

To do:

  • I don't know? Tell me on the forum or below! - PLEASE!!!

Next update ideas so far:

  • a suprise..
  • No idea. Help me decide!

Source code:

If it helps here is the source code:


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