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Are you an admin of a server and want to give you're players something extra for Halloween? Well then this plugin is something for you, it currently has 3 main features which i will describe below. this is the first plugin in a series of event like plugins the second being released called Christmas

Pumpkin Hunt


Graves: Upon death a grave will spawn with a sign saying who died and when he died, beneath the sign will be a soul sand block and under that block a chest containing the players stuff that they had upon death. When another player wants to raid the grave he first needs to break the soul sand block but upon doing so will strike lightning on the non suspecting thief dealing some damage, also the thief will be inflicted blindness and hunger 2 for 8 seconds.

Pumpkin Hunt: Based of the amount of players online the plugin sometimes spawns a jack O'lantarn somewhere near a player and upon doing so will send a message to the entire server announcing this. When someone breaks the pumpkin it will also be broadcasted and when someone finds it the finder will be rewarded 600 XP which is enough to get from level 0 to level 20, note that these pumpkins are hard to find and are pretty uncommon.

Pumpkin Lord: Everyone wearing a pumpkin on his or her's head will now be a pumpkin lord protecting the wearer from damage by reducing incoming damage by 5 damage points, equal to 2 and a half hearths and it also deals fire to the attacker for 5 seconds.

Smaller features:

- Sometimes when mining drops a pumpkin

- Snowballs thrown by snowmen do damage

Upcoming Features

1. Suggest them!

How to download

1. Download the .jar file from

2. Put the .jar file in your plugins folder

3. restart or reload your server.

4. You know it has worked when you see a green message in your console.

Thanks for reading, CraterHater.

ALSO: when downloading always get the latest version!

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