Adds 45 drinks recipes. Each drink has tunable properties, such as: name, type, effects.


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Craftbukkit 1.4.5-1.7.10 / all MCPC+ / all Cauldrons.

How to install.

  • Drop UltraDrinks.jar into your server's plugin folder.
  • Restart your server.
  • If necessary, go in \plugins\UltraDrinks\config.yml and translate drinks names to your language. You can edit other settings, also.
  • Restart your server again to apply changes you made.


Each drink has own section in config.yml You can edit it, but do not change section names. Namely, if you want to rename AppleJuice, just change parameter "Name:" in section AppleJuice. You can't change recipe also, I'm sorry. But I hope, you'll find the target in present list. So let me describe, how to do it, by one section.

AppleJuice: Enabled: true turns recipe to ON/OFF; if you set it to false, recipe will be disabled, but all drinks crafted earlier will be stay in a world. Type: const this section may be const/brew/splash: const - standart drink, you can't brew it in brewing stand. brew - you can brew this drink with gunpowder to make it splash. splash - splash drink. If you'll write another words - it'll be "const". Name: Apple Juice This is you drink's name. Number: 1 Number of drinks from one recipe.

You can setup all settings further for this drink. Just remember that power can be "0" to "3", and "0" is "1" but if time not "0" only.

BlindnessTime: 0

BlindnessPower: 0

ConfusionTime: 0

ConfusionPower: 0

PoisonTime: 0

PoisonPower: 0

SlowTime: 0

SlowPower: 0

WeaknessTime: 0

WeaknessPower: 0

DamageResistanceTime: 0

DamageResistancePower: 0

FastDiggingTime: 0

FastDiggingPower: 0

FireResistanceTime: 0

FireResistancePower: 0

HungerTime: 0

HungerPower: 0

IncreaseDamageTime: 0

IncreaseDamagePower: 0

JumpTime: 0

JumpPower: 0

RegenerationTime: 5

RegenerationPower: 0

SpeedTime: 30

SpeedPower: 1

WaterBreathingTime: 0

WaterBreathingPower: 0

SlowDiggingTime: 0

SlowDiggingPower: 0

InvisibilityTime: 0

InvisibilityPower: 0

NightVisionTime: 0

NightVisionPower: 0

WitherTime: 0

WitherPower: 0

AbsorptionTime: 0

AbsorptionPower: 0

HealTime: 0

HealPower: 0

HarmTime: 0

HarmPower: 0

HealthBoostTime: 0

HealthBoostPower: 0


This plugin has no permissions and fully-configurable by config.yml.


This plugin has no commands at all.


1.1 Release.

1.2 Removed saturation effect due to issues during craft.