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Trust Plugin

Are you looking for a plugin that can control your servers people? Well you have found the perfect plugin! The Trust plugin has a lot of cool features that can control user's trust and promote them to groups or let them drop down groups by earning and losing trust! This plugin requires vault! Want to a beta release of the plugin? Download Beta Version!


  • Set a default trust for all users, and new users.
  • Set a trust level at which players get banned.
  • Set a ban message for when player reaches under ban level.
  • Set a max trust a player can reach.
  • Set a min max a player can reach.
  • Op's can give and take trust from players.
  • Op's have all commands.
  • You can decide what commands a non op has, with permission node's.
  • Set at what trust a person reaches any groups.


      banlevel: '0'
      ban: false
      banmessage: 'You have been banned for having no Trust!'
      max: '100'
      start: '20'
      usegroups: true
      Default: 10
      Builder: 15
      Vip: 50
      Moderator: 100

The groups part doesn't come in config automatically! Copy and paste the config into your config! And edit the groups or just remove a line. If you don't want groups just use the config you receive!


1/trustShows the players own trust
2/trust helpView the help page.
3/trust [player]View the trust of [player]
4/trust [player] pos [amount]Adds [amount] trust to [player]
5/trust [player] neg [amount]Takes [amount] trust from [player]
6/trust reloadReload's trust plugin(config.yml and players.yml)

Later Updates

  • Regions that you can't enter if not enough trust.
  • Regions that you can enter if you have enough trust.
  • Op's decide what group is aloud to make regions.
  • Allow user's to vote 1 time for a user negative or positive.

Have ideas? Post them below.

Permission NodeEffect
1trust.selfGives access to check the players own trust.
2trust.helpAllows you to to view the help page.
3trust.otherAllows you to see other's trust level
4trust.posAllows you to add trust to players.
5trust.negAllows you to take away trust from players.
6trust.reloadAllows you to reload trust plugin.
7trust.*Total Admin Control

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