Last Updated: Nov 29, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.9-R0.2



Nov 23, 2014

Owner: Mintcraftian36



  • /troll <player> - Opens the main GUI




  • /troll -

TrollGUI Includes:

FakeOP - Fakes a legit looking op message.

Troll Spam - Spams the player with thousands of different message.

Fake Ban - Pretend to ban the player with a customisable message in the config (No colour codes at the moment).

TNT & Co. Troll - Cover the player in TNT and set it alight with lightning and fire!

Extreme Troll - Spam, Annoy with potions and kick the player lasting over 3 minutes long!

Bedrock Cage - Covers the player in a bedrock jail and sets them into survival mode!

Lava Troll - Set a 3x3x2 hole of lava below the player surrounded with fences so they cannot escape!

Facepalm - Blind and slow the player down if they have said something stupid.

Launch Troll - Shoots the player high into the air killing them when they land.

Freeze Troll - Freezes a player with an, click again to un-freeze.

Smite Troll - Strikes lightning at the player.

Burn Troll - Sets the player on fire.

All of the plugin is opened inside of one command.

Please leave suggestions for new trolls which could be added in future updates and any bugs or glitches as this is new!


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