Captain's Booty

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555 Downloads Game Version: 1.8.1


Type a command and create a chest. There are three tiers, normal, trapped, and ender. The items vary through each tier. Normal is the lowest, trapped is medium, and ender is highest.


/treasurechest – List the available arguments. /treasurechest normal – Spawn the lowest tier chest. - Cooldown: 5 minutes /treasurechest trapped – Spawn the medium tier chest. - Cooldown: 10 minutes /treasurechest ender – Spawn the highest tier chest. - Cooldown: 15 minutes /treasurechest info – Gives you the info for the plugin


Treasurechest.command – Type the /treasurechest command Treasurechest.normal – Use the normal chest Treasurechest.trapped – Use the trapped chest Treasurechest.ender – Use the ender chest – See the info of the plugin


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