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With this plugin, your normal boat can fire torpedoes!

Release 1.2 Information!!!

With the new R1.2 version, you can make your torpedo faster!
If you have 4 gunpowder in your inventory, it will be 4 times faster!!
But if you have 12 gunpowder, it will be super fast!!

Try it now, by downloading the new version!

How it works

You need :

  1. TNT in your inventory
  2. A boat
  3. A map

Get in the boat, put the map in your hand and press the right mouse-button, and there it is, your torpedo!


NiXoX98 (ign. _NiXoX_) for developing the plugin...
Xolk2 (ign. Xolk2) for the idea... (Thanks again :D)

Known Bugs

  • The torpedo will only fire on the x axis, I will release a fix for this ASAP... SHOULD BE FIXED!
  • TorpedoBoat may conflict with NoLagg
  • Maybe you have one? Tell me!


  • Post some images...
  • Fix Directions
  • Permissions Support
  • Make config file


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