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Timelapse Mover:
Beta Version: v0.1.8 This server plugin is designed to move a player from point a to point b over a amount of time. In this time you can be doing a timelapse. This gives the panning effect while time is fast forwarding in minecraft.

Recommended program to do timelapses: (Remember that if you use this set the delay to 3) http://i.imgur.com/JEHcv.png Resch's Multishot Camera Studio(another option)

Current Permissions:
  • timelapse.use = allows to start and stop a timelapse and set the points
  • timelapse.read = allow users to see when the timelapse starts and stops
Current Commands:
  • /timelapse move [time(mins)] = starts timelapse for a certain amount of time
  • /timelapse pos1 = sets position 1 at your current position
  • /timelapse pos2 = sets position 2 at you current position
  • /timelapse exit = exits the timelapse
  • /timelapse delay = see what the current delay is
Video Explanation and Examples Download Latest Dev Todo's:
  • Make the Pitch and Yaw change over time
  • Have more then one player move
  • Add reload command

Version 0.1.8
  • config file now generated
  • can set the interval of movement(default 3 sec)
Version 0.1.6
  • fixed server freezes
  • added exit command
Version 0.0.1
  • Released plugin


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