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TimeBasic is a plugin I created because I basically had no internet and I was bored and I just decided to release it afterwards. It has four commands and it's very simple to use. You don't need to configure anything. Permission or OP works.

Commands and permissions

/time - timebasic.time - sets the time for the player, a lot of options here.
/adtime - timebasic.adtime - sets the time for everyone in the world, a lot of options here too.
/weather - timebasic.weather - sets the weather for the player, a few options here.
/adweather - timebasic.adweather - sets the weather for the world, a few options here as well.

Performing any of these commands with no argument will give you a list of arguments you can use.


There is none as it's not needed.

Source and development

Github: https://github.com/CXdur/TimeBasic/tree/master/TimeBasic

If you want me to make any changes or add something, feel free to let me know and I will.


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