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Jul 26, 2016

Owner: ha1fBit


Eating in Minecraft can get pretty boring, especially with a stack of food from an automatic chicken cooker or cow breeder. This plugin attempts to solve that problem by encouraging players to eat a variety of different foods.

This first big change this plugin makes is the addition of nutrition meters for each food group: fruits, vegetables, grain, protein, and dairy. When these meters are all at least 3/4 full, your health is normal. When the you neglect any of the food groups, your maximum health begins to decrease to a minimum of three hearts. These decreases are very slow and gradual. As long as you fill each of your meters roughly every five ingame days, you will keep your full ten hearts. If you only eat steak, you'll drop to four and a half hearts. If you only eat steak and drink milk, your health will drop to six hearts. Maintaining all but one food group will result in a maximum health of nine hearts.

Nutrition meters

Now I know what you're thinking, "That's just great, now I have to carry around all different types of food that take up even more space in my inventory." Don't worry! I've got you covered.

You know those useless soups and stews that don't stack? I've created a real use for them. Cooking is now more than just throwing some raw meat into a furnace. By placing a pressure plate on top of a furnace, you can create a cooking surface.

Cooking surfaces

With this cooking surface, you can create soups, stews, and salads of your own with various ingredients. Throw in some apples with some leaves for a fruit salad. It won't be very filling, but it'll fill up your fruit and vegetable meters. Add some steak, chicken, wheat, apples, carrots, and a bucket of milk for a giant mess of food that's pretty filling and adds to every one of your nutrition meters. Fine tune your ingredients to get the most out of your food's hunger, saturation, and portions. Yes, you can eat your stew just a little at a time and even combine them together to get more hunger value out of a single inventory slot than even a stack of steak.

Cooking surface GUI

That's a fancy GUI! How's that possible to do server-side? Well, it's not completely server-side. There is an optional resource pack with this plugin that produces the visuals above. Without the resource pack, the blank spots are replaced with black stained glass panes.

No resource pack GUI


  • Nutrition meters that affect player health and other bonuses
  • Encourage players to vary their diets a bit
  • Better soups and stews that combine any number of ingredients
  • Combine similar meals to create larger meals that would normally take up several slots

Commands, Permissions, and Configuration

They're all on the wiki my friend. Here are some links to each.


v0.3.0 - 8/10/16
v0.2.0 - 8/3/16
ThreeSquareMeals on GitHub Statistics.borderless.png

As you can see from the statistics above, this plugin sends statistical information to To disable this, change the line opt-out: false to opt-out: true in the config.yml inside the PluginMetrics folder in your plugins folder. stew a use


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