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Chat Replace


Detects individual words within game chat then filters and replaces them with the word of your choice.

Replace: god -> notch
Player Types: lol almost fell in lava thank god i survived
Everyone Reads: lol almost fell in lava thank notch i survived

  • Supports percentages for chance of word to be replaced.
  • Create groups of words to manage your replacements
  • Add players to specific groups so only they get text replaced
  • Toggle groups on and off
  • Ingame commands
  • Configurable in .yml files


  • Replace common acronyms such as 'brb' with 'be right back'
  • Create amusing mute filters so troublesome players have all their vowels replaced
  • Give a 1% chance that the word "diamonds" will be replaced with "dirt" for some confusion and laughs
  • Swear filters so inappropriate words are replaced with cute fluffy words such as "bunny" or "flower"
  • Make everybody speak in Ye Olde English
  • If people keep spelling your name wrong, just filter the correction
  • Anything you can think of

Premade Config

View some premade config we created. Just paste into your config.yml


/tr new * - Creates a new word replacement
/tr remove * - Removes a word replacement
/tr player - Lists all groups the player is part of
/tr player add * - Adds player to a group
/tr player remove * - Removes player from a group
/tr group - Lists all groups
/tr group toggle * - Toggle group on and off
/tr group words * - Lists all words in a group
/tr word - Lists all words in every group
/tr word * - Shows detailed word information
/tr word chance * - Changes the replacement chance of the word
/tr enableall - Enables all groups
/tr disableall - Disables all groups

*optional input


textreplace.replace - Allows players to have their words replaced. This is added by default.
textreplace.admin - Allows access to the /tr commands

If you have any suggestions, comments, or things you'd like to see in future releases, feel free to comment or PM me.

Check out stickerpants.com for a full list of my plugins!


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