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This plugin generates custom made terrain. You can change a lot of variables to chance the outcome of the TerrainGenerator.

Also you have TerrainModes, a TerrainMode is some sort of an extra setting you can edit to chance the looks of the generated terrain. These modes can change the outcome of the owning TerrainGenerator, it can also place whole features like houses or trees. It is possible to create your own TerrainMode, but you have to create your own plugin containing the TerrainMode. There is a small tutorial in the plugin, use /terrain help for the tutorial.



- TerrainGenerator.All

this is the only permission you will need to use this plugin



/terrain create <name> [data...]
/terrain delete <name>
/terrain getData <name>
/terrain generate <name> <x> <z>
/terrain list
/terrain edit <name> <data...>
/terrain addGen <name> <name>
/terrain removeGen <name> <name>
/terrain setGen <name> <name> <number>
/terrain mode add <name> <TerrainMode name> [data...]
/terrain mode remove <name> <TerrainMode name>
/terrain mode set <name> <TerrainMode name> <number> [data...]
/terrain mode copy <name> <name> <TerrainMode name>
/terrain mode edit <name> <TerrainMode name> add <data...> {for ArrayBased and MapBased only}
/terrain mode edit <name> <TerrainMode name> remove <data...> {for ArrayBased and MapBased only}
/terrain mode edit <name> <TerrainMode name> set <number> <data...> {for ArrayBased and MapBased only}
/terrain mode edit <name> <TerrainMode name> set <data...> {for DataBased only}
/terrain mode getData <name> <TerrainMode name>
/terrain mode description <TerrainMode name>
/terrain mode list
/terrain help
/terrain example <example name>

All of these commands are explained in the plugin. Use /terrain help for the explanation of all the commands.


This plugin has a TabComplete with all the usages of the plugin


If there are any more questions please ask me :D


comming soon:
world generator: you can use a TerrainGenerator as a WorldGenerator



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