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This is a small plugin I wrote for my server that adds some customization to flying. I made this plugin because I wanted to allow those who donate to fly, however my server is heavily based around pvp so I made this to fix that issue. This plugin has all the features I need for the moment but I will expand on it if I think of anything else that I would like to add. I am very open to suggestions for features though, if you would like something added please leave a comment below or create a ticket explaining exactly what you want and I will try to add it as soon as I can.


  • Disable a players fly when they take damage
  • Prevent fall damage of the player who's fly is toggled off by damage.
  • configurable fly speed


  • /synergyfly: displays a list of commands
  • /synergyfly enable: enables fly for the user
  • /synergyfly disable: disables fly for the user


  • allows users to use the /synergyfly command
  • synergyfly.enable: allows users to use the /synergyfly enable command
  • synergyfly.disable: allows users to use the /synergyfly disable command
  • synergyfly.bypass.stopfly: bypass disabling of fly on damage
  • synergyfly.* : provides all other permissions in one convenient node

All permissions default to OP


  • flyspeed: 0.1
  • disableFlyOnDamage: true
  • protectFromFallDamage: true

Planned features:

  • disable fly when player hits with sword
  • disable fly when player hits with sword
  • add config for different types of damage i.e getting hit by mob or player or even environmental damage
  • disable fly on block place
  • disable fly on block break
  • disable fly when player uses a potion
  • disable fly when player triggers redstone
  • disable fly based on proximity to other entity's(configurable distance)
  • disable fly when a player changes dimension
  • disable fly when a player teleports
  • disable fly when a player interacts with a with a container or object i.e door / chest
  • disable fly when a player enters a vehicle i.e riding a pig or minecart
  • add toggle of fly via items i.e right clicking with a feather in hand.
  • toggle off fly based on actions their animals perform i.e a wolf attacking something.
  • plugin metrics
  • auto updating

Will create tickets for all these so they don't clutter my plugins front page when I have time.

Possible bugs:

  • I haven't actually tested this, but as my plugin is right now it has no persistence for if a player is flying or not. That being the case when your server is restarted none of the players that were flying should remain flying(unless bukkit has some persistence for this I am not really sure) so they would smack into the ground and die.


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