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Warning: This plugin is able to delete the world that has been set in the config. It's recommended to install this plugin on a clean server without any important world files, as the main world will be deleted every time the server restarts with this plugin installed, in order to generate a new random world to play on.


For a long time people have been playing survival games, and many people are still enjoying the gamemode to this day. Many of those players would love to make a survival games server themselves. Many survival games plugins have been released and used, but I'm hoping to provide you with an easy-to-use, super customizable, and fun version of survival games.

So, we have made for you: BukkitGames!


Every game is completely random and different!


Installing is easy! Drag and drop the files in the zip file into your plugin folder and you're ready to go!


  • [/bg] Main command.
  • [/bg iron <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Iron member.
  • [/bg gold <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Gold member.
  • [/bg diamond <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Diamond member.
  • [/bg emerld <playerName>] Set a player's rank to Emerald member.
  • [/bg forcestart] Force start the round.
  • [/bg addpoints <playerName> <points>] Give a player points.
  • [/bg givekit <playerName> <kitName>] Give a player a kit.
  • [/bg takekit <playerName> <kitName>] Remove a kit from a player's kits.
  • [/bg vote] Vote start start the round.


  • kitName:
  • logoItem: itemName
  • kitLore: 'Text goes here.'
  • price: The price in points.
  • items:
  • 'itemName': amountOfItem
  • potions:
  • potionNameInIdOrNormalName(Example: FIRE_RESISTANCE):
  • amplifier: The level of the potion effect.
  • duration: How long it should last. (In seconds.)
  • effect: The special effect for this kit. (API tutorial: Click here)
  • (Check the example configuration file for more insight!)

Config explanation:

  • pluginDisplayName = The name that displays in front of all messages.
  • worldName = Which world is going to be used for the game, has to match the default world.
  • maxPlayers = The amount of players that can join the game.
  • enableKits = If the game should have kits.
  • deleteWorldOnServerBoot = If the world should be deleted and regenerated on server boot.
  • saveWorldOnServerShutDown = If the world should be saved when the game has ended.
  • votesNeededToAutostart = How many votes are needed to auto-start the game.
  • deadPlayersCanChat = If dead player can chat or not.
  • canBuild = If players can build during the game.
  • randomWorldTime = If when the round starts the world time should be random or not.
  • roundStartWaitTime = How long it will take for the round to start after a sufficient amount of players joining.
  • graceperiod = How long players are invulnerable at the start of the round.
  • dropCrates = If there should spawn Crates.
  • playerSpreadRadius = The max distance a player can get teleported from the spawn when the round starts.
  • createItemSpawnChance = The % chance that there spawns an item in a Crate slot.
  • spawnCrateSpawnRadius = The max distance a spawn Crate can spawn away from the spawn. (Spawn Spawn Spawn)
  • spawnCrateAmount = The number of spawn Crates.
  • minimalCrates = The minimal amount of Crates.
  • maximalCrates = The maximal amount of Crates.
  • arenaSize = The size of the arena, a player will get damage when it tries to escape. (For now)
  • minimalArenaSize = The smallest radius the arena can get after shrinking.
  • shrinkSpeedInSeconds = The time it takes to shrink the arena 1 block. (0 = No shrinking)
  • enableScoreboard = If the scoreboard system should be enabled.
  • winner = Don't touch this, it's to save the last winner for the next round.

How to restart the server after the game ended:

Use this in your start cmd to make the server auto-restart when the server shuts down:

  • :start
  • java -Xmx1G -jar (craftbukkit/spigot jar name).jar
  • goto start

GitHub page: https://github.com/Markcreator/BukkitGames/


Made by Markcreator