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Support Request

Support Request is a handy plugin which provides a friendly to use help system for online players. Players can send a support request with a simple command. Any staff member with a certain permission will get alerted of the fact that a player needs some help. Scamming, unfair PVP-ing,... can be solved with this plugin.

Staff members can teleport to players how need some help, they can ban or kick them if necessary or send them a private message.

This handy tool can help your server against hackers, cause players our most likely to detect them.

  • /request -> Shows you the help screen
  • /request add [reason] -> Lets players request some help
  • /request remove -> Removes the player request
  • /request staff -> Pops up a gui for the staff members
  • /request help -> Shows the help screen
  • supportrequest.staff -> Will give you all the permissions for the commands.

Public release

  • Added a GUI for the staff members
  • Added a teleportation system
  • Added a private message system

Just put them in the commands and I'll take a look at it ;)


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