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What Is Superheroes?

It's all in the name! Superheroes is a plugin where you can become a superhero of your choice and play minecraft survival or creative as your hero. You can always change your hero and gain new abilities! In the future, you will be able to craft your superhero's items, and even armor! Stay tuned for this plugins updates and new editions, and feel free to try it out! This plugin was made so you can have fun with your friends or even solo, and challenge yourself on Minecraft. Minecraft getting too easy? Put it on hard mode, and download this plugin. Be an avenger! Be a superhero! Fight off the evil monsters of the nether and the end, defeat the ender dragon with Thor's hammer and lightning! Enjoy this plugin and leave suggestions!

How to Use

Superheroes is a very basic and fun plugin. To get the basic tools for a superhero of your choice, type /<superheroname>. This will soon be only 1 way to get your superhero, you will soon also be able to craft your superhero's item, so you can get it without commands and actually work to get your ability.
Ex. /captainamerica

How to Help

You can always help by reporting bugs, suggesting new superheroes and abilities, and more! The more bugs you report, the more fixes we can do to make this plugin the best it can be. The more you suggest better superheroes and abilities, the more we will add so you can have fun in Minecraft survival. Leave comments below on ways we can improve this plugin.

How to Download

To download this plugin, download the version that matches your server's version, and place the jar into your plugins folder. If you use a version of this plugin on a different version of your server, it may not work. I highly recommend downloading the version closest to your server's version.


- Batman's Darkness
- Web Slinger
- Captain America's Shield
- The Flash's Speed
- Thor's Hammer
- Hawkeye's 2 Bows
OR - Full Album of The Recipes


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